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grease trap fact & sizing worksheet

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 When was the last time you cleaned your grease trap?  Did you know that grease is the leading cause of sewer overflows?  When this occurs, it increases health risks and hinders your business.  Grease trap cleaning is extremely important in order to maintain proper functioning, but it can also be the greatest hassle for kitchens and restaurants.  Mandatory cleaning is required by all cities at 30-90 day intervals.  Over time, grease begins to build up and clog your lines resulting in a back up.  Be sure your grease trap is adequate for your specific application by using our Grease Trap Sizing Chart. Grease trap maintenance should be performed on a routine schedule to ensure the drains flow smoothly.  We have the paperwork needed for the city health department

​From the moment we arrive at your location, you will receive professional, fast and efficient services.  We are able to pump any size grease traps.  Here at Precon Pumping we not only offer grease trap pumping, but also cleaning, repair and installation.  No job is too big or too small!!   Contact Us for more information by calling us at 817-448-9161.  After hours call 817-448-9718.  We do offer after hours pumping if needed.  We look forward to earning your business. Grease trap cleaning in DFW airport. Septic tank cleaning in Weatherford